LH-Crypto – the first crypto broker with a leverage of 1: 100

Broker LH-Crypto is a unique project that offers clients the use of cryptocurrency as a tool for trading Forex under CFD contracts. The toolkit of the service is aimed at popularizing the crypt among traders, attracting a new market segment.

The project started at the end of 2017, and its first stage was a large-scale ICO. The initiative was supported by over 12,000 investors, including Larson&Holz clients, who received broker tokens and various bonuses. The crypto broker services began to function in 2018 and in a short period of time attracted a lot of attention from traders.

Now broker LH-Crypto bypasses many retail brokers, being advanced in the field of crypto trading. This is due to many factors and functions. The first thing to note is the LH-Crypto trading services. The service allows you to trade crypto coins with a leverage of 1: 100, which is more profitable than fiat trade. Not surprisingly, customers can use the most liquid cryptocurrency, such as: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Monero, Dash, NEO, Ripple, EOS. It is enough to have in your account only 10 euros.

Crypto traders will not lose money when depositing and withdrawing funds, because all cryptocurrency transactions are free of charge. You can transfer money to your account in any cryptocurrency, or in euros, which are automatically converted into a crypt. To replenish your account, it is enough to use a bank transfer or a Web Money or Qiwi payment system.

Clients with any income level can open their own LH-Crypto account: a demo account is available for students, Start is for beginners, Standard is for beginners, and PRO is for professionals. In the Standard and ABM accounts, trading is carried out in large amounts from 1,000 euros and from 25,000 euros, respectively. Therefore, the replenishment of these accounts with fiat currencies is provided for using KYC verification. The commission, which is taken by the bank or EPS, is fully covered by the LH-Crypto trading bonuses. Therefore, after making the necessary amount, the client receives it into his account in full.

The broker’s trading instruments are variable: 55 only crypto currency pairs, 50 standard classic pairs, the possibility of forming unique synthetic pairs from virtual currency and real assets (resources, raw materials, metals). Due to the implementation of CFD operations, crypto traders discover the opportunity to trade hundreds of shares of branded companies, whose value is constantly increasing.

An undeniable advantage of the crypt is anonymity. It is the presence of an anonymous account that hides its owner, makes him impersonal. This function acts on Start accounts for traders who, for certain reasons, prefer to remain incognito. Basically, these accounts are suitable for residents of countries where there is strict government regulation in the field of forex trading and a ban on virtual currency. Similar legislation adhere to the Arab countries, some countries in Asia and South America.

To ensure the speed and functionality of the service, all trading operations take place through the modern MetaTrader5 terminal. Due to this, the work of LH-Crypto meets the high demands of crypto traders. The terminal provides advanced trading opportunities, advanced technical indicators, unique services from the developer. You can familiarize yourself with all the functionality by downloading MetaTrader5 on the broker page. And you can use it not only from a computer or laptop, but also from a mobile phone or tablet. If the device does not have enough memory, you can use a web terminal that does not need to be downloaded, it is enough to have free access to the Internet.

With all its advantages and simplified conditions, the broker takes the minimum commission for his work. This will please those who are accustomed to high exchange payments. Processing a client order will be 0.2% for start accounts, 0.14% for professionals accounts. For traders who have held positions for more than one trading session, the Rolling Swap mechanism will become a pleasant addition, thanks to which the swap is removed not at the time of day shift, but only 24 hours after the order is opened.

LH-Crypto seeks to make cryptocurrency available for trading to a wide range of clients with any level of income and experience in stock trading. Due to the many additions and specific functions, the broker has already gained popularity and is rightly called the first successful crypto broker.